Helping Veterans Access the Aid & Attendance Program

We also help veterans benefit from the services and programs available to them. Veterans are eligible for a pension from the VA. The pension can help them to have substantial financial support during this period of their lives. It can help for private duty home care services or help offset your current home care expenses.

Whether you are a wartime veteran, a veteran’s surviving spouse, or a veteran couple, learn about your eligibility for a pension from the VA through us.

Our partnership with the Vet Assist program and Veterans Home Care enables us to assist veterans and surviving spouses. We help them determine their eligibility and manage the paperwork and application process for the “Aid & Attendance” program.

We will help you navigate the qualification process. We understand that application submission can be overwhelming, especially for disabled seniors. However, don’t worry about it anymore. We are here to lend you a helping hand to manage all these things.

What is the "Aid & Attendance" Program?

Many veterans are unaware of the “Aid & Attendance” program. It is the key reason why they often miss out on the benefits they are entitled to. This program offers valuable assistance to seniors who are 65 and older and meet specific military, medical, and financial requirements.

Through the Vet Assist program, our experts will guide you or your loved one through the process. We also ensure you have all the necessary documents from physicians, municipal offices, and the military. So, applying for this program and getting financial aid can become easier.

Our team includes an on-staff VA-accredited attorney. They can also provide interest-free loans to cover home care expenses with NO extra costs BEFORE your application gets approved by VA.

Supporting Our Veterans with Well-Deserved Care

At Prodigy Unlimited Care, we understand the importance of providing our veterans with the care they need and the benefits they’ve earned. As veterans age, they must have access to the resources available to enhance their quality of life and maintain their independence.

Reach Out to Us for Professional Assistance

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about the Veterans “Aid & Attendance” program and need help with your care, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our CSAs are ready to answer your questions and offer guidance.

Contact us to explore the benefits of the "Aid & Attendance" program

Contact us to explore the benefits of the “Aid & Attendance” program or get started with the application process.

Together with Veterans Home Care, we strive to positively impact our veterans’ lives, just as they have selflessly protected our freedoms. Let us assist you in accessing the aid you need and deserve.